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I’m new here but why does Imusician say that my audio file has 1 channel and that two are required. how can I fix that

dear @Majorguy69 , welcome to this community, I don’t know if you mixed / mastered the file by yourself or if someone did it for you and which DAW was used. In any case, check the output, to see if you have the left or the right channel missing, you can check with your headphones if you have an output on both sides. I am not sure if your file needs to be stereo to be released, maybe @Carlos can help here, in case, be sure to have the mono channel sent to both, to the left and to the right right output channel. hope this could help already and feel free to send us some more info :v:


Morning @Andi , thanks for the hints!

@Majorguy69 hello! I guess the platform is recognizing that the audio file is a mono file instead of stereo. As @Andi suggested, I would try to re-export the audio file ensuring that the audio is set to stereo and you could check the properties opening the audio file in the sotware you use to produce. Thanks and crossing fingers!


Thank you!


Thank you