Forum Refresh and new categories

Hey all,

I am doing a bit of a topic / category refresh - apologies if you get a bajillion notifications, but hopefully things will make a bit more sense and feel a bit easier after this.

Main changes:

iMusician Platform Category

This will be the place for ALL information from iMusician - we’ll keep you informed on every new update to the platform, iMusician Show and new guide within this section. It’s also a place where you can ask us any question about the platform or report a bug and give us feedback on the platform.

Resources Category :headstone:

This category died - it was hardly visited and people often got confused about which category to post in for new stuff, we’ll be posting updates to guides / iMusician Show into the “News” category in “iMusician Platform”.

Support Category :headstone:

Many people were getting confused here with too many places to ask questions so I’ve moved the “ask a question” under the iMusician Platform category - this is THE place to ask a question about the iMusician platform and get support from our internal team.

Share & Collaborate

This is the area I really want to focus on for the future as it is the area for you wonderful community members to really use as your own :upside_down_face:

/Share your News

Is a place for you to share tracks, tours, videos and general news about you!


Looking to collaborate with each other or are you a label looking for artists to join you OR an artist looking to join a label - this all goes here.

/ NEW! Get Feedback

Thanks to the suggestion from @CanMusic - This is a place to post to get feedback on your work in progress tracks.

/NEW! Music Production

This thought came from our internal team, somewhere to discuss everything related to Music Production (and recording etc). This might need more thought in the future, but let’s see how it goes.

/NEW! Music Promotion

Following on from the “Music Promotion Megapost” - I wanted to give this topic it’s own place - somewhere we can all discuss how and where we’re finding success (or not) in promoting music.

Uncategorized is now Backstage

A minor change, but important nonetheless, how can we be a music company without a “backstage” :laughing: it’s just a change to the name but anything “off topic” can be added in here.

Post reorganization

I have split off some topics and re-organized / categorized some other topics that were in the “wrong place”, basically I just did a bit of housekeeping to try to ensure that everything is in the right place and to give everyone the maximum visibility of the posts that are happening.


If you have any suggestions, then feel free to add them into the Forum Rules & How To’s, we’re always looking to improve.