Free vers amplify

bonjour j’ai sortie un titre deja diffusé avec imusician free sur 4 plateformes de streaming

si je passe par amplify puis-je faire basculer mon titre pour qu’il beneficie de toutes les plateformes ? ou dois-je le supprimer pour le faire passer sur amplify ?

merci pour le retour

Dear @Moe , you don’t have to delete it, just to rerelease it, but to be sure I’m not missing something I’m asking @Melani and @Maurizio if they can help you further with this. :v:

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Hello @Andi , taking it from here :sparkles:

Hola @Moe , I hope you can use our translator (use the globe symbol). You can upgrade to AMPLIFY+ to request a modification to your release that is online or accepted by our quality team. You can request the change to every metadata, expect for the artist name :slight_smile:

With AMPLIFY+, you will be able to contact us directly through your dashboard! Merci merci :slight_smile:


ok thanks for the feedback :relieved:


Taking the opportunity @Moe to let you know that we are making summer promo for our artists on a FREE plan, you can save over 30% upgrading to one of our yearly plan and one of the benefit is that you could reach out to our email support through your dashboard! Cheers :slight_smile:

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