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What an absolute nightmare iMusician has become! Hi, I’m Mark I released a handful of albums through iMusician a few years ago and have come back for a look around after receiving my latest statement from you! I can’t even find my albums here anymore, the website makes no sense to me ay all, I can’t speak to anyone and get any assistance, all I’m getting is a robot going round in circles with answers to every kind of question except the one I’d like the answer too. It’s taken me three days to get this far. I didn’t really wish to join a community, I just wanted to ask a couple of simple questions to someone who could help me out… Was thinking of releasing newer projects through you but can’t see that’s ever going to happen… This is NOT a malicious message, I am not an actor, I’m just a very fustrated singer/songwriter trying to sort out his music.

Hello @Mark

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos will get back to you shortly.


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Hello @Mark,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your frustration, this kind of feedback is essential to help us improve our platform and services :slight_smile:

Could you please tell me a little bit more about the issues you are facing and how I can help you navigate through our platform ?

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Where do I start, the help button doesn’t seem to want to help me at all, it just wants me to sign up for something else. I seem to recall previously having a page where I could see the albums I have online through you but I certainly can’t find it anymore, you just want to sell me a website… The biggest problem I have, is that I now have to join a community to actually talk to somebody, or go round and round your help button and not finding the answer to a question that a conversation with someone could be solved in a few minutes…
Ok here’s one thing I’d like to ask. I have not signed up with you to claim my royaltes from YouTube, I believe I can claim them my self, but sometimes when I post a music video of mine from YouTube on my Facebook site I find the audio has been muted and a message saying there is a copyright claim. The song will be registered in my name via the PRS in England and though I have sent proof to Facebook that it is my song they will still not unmute the audio nor tell me who has made the claim. So tell me, is it likely to be iMusician please?

Hey @Mark, thanks for your feedback. I understand your frustration but please allow me to clarify a few things:

  1. Currently you are on our Free plan, which doesn’t include the option of contacting our support team via e-mail. This is only possible for our paid users who subscribe to our AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+ subscription, that’s why the “Help” button tells you to sign up. We’ve switched to a subscription plan over a year ago now and you can find all the details about our offer here: Pricing | iMusician

  2. This Community Forum is a place where you can interact with other iMusician artists and we are always monitoring threads in order to help you when needed (just like I’m doing right now). If that’s not ideal for you, don’t forget that you always have the option to upgrade to our AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+ plan in order to get support via e-mail :slight_smile:

  3. If you haven’t ordered any YouTube monetization with us, then it can’t be iMusician that’s issuing the claims. Could you please share the following so we can take a look into it:

  • The link to the YouTube video you’re posting;
  • The barcode of the track included in the video that got blocked by Facebook.

Best regards,

PS: All the releases you’ve distributed can be found in your dashboard under “Library” > “Releases”, they have the status “Delivered” assigned to them.