Full song title not showing on iTunes, YouTube and Anghami


The Deeper Love (Original Mix) only shows as Deeper Love. Can you correct this for platforms; iTunes, YouTube and Anghami?

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Hello @dlayna, welcome to our community!

We sent now a request to the shops to correct the titles and please note that sometimes shops are changing the metadata to comply to their guidelines.

One additional note, you can write in our community without tagging us and we will be answering you anyway. This is not a dedicated support channel but open to our moderators, our staff and anyone who is willing to provide you an answer with. Be assured that your questions will not remain unanswered. If you prefer to have a dedicated support channel, then please upgrade to one of our AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+ plan! There is an interesting offer started this week: Pricing | iMusician

Kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

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