Gear, Deals and More

So I’m sure many of you are in a lot of mailing lists about gear and deals. But for those who aren’t we can post here.

I bought these days from Plugin Alliance, dearVR pro very cheap. There are a lot of offers there until 1 of July. Check it out.


For all our guitarists out there who like to go deep into amps, pedals, production techniques, and all that good stuff - I suggest checking out :sweden: metal musician Ola Englund’s YouTube channel.

Always entertaining, immensely helpful & a fellow member of the iMusician Community :wink:

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I really like Ola. I bought Toneforge Misha Mansoor after watching one of his videos. :joy:


Just downloaded this Violin freebie from sonixinema. Maybe it has some uses.

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Audio plugins has an offer on Unstrung library. Anyone tried it? Is it worth it?

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Stumbled upon this article about all the gear Daft Punk used to make their classic album ‘Homework’ :books:

Loved seeing all the classic Roland drum machines + synths that went into it - Roland Juno106 :drooling_face:

Anyone incorporate any of those vintage drum machines into their work? @zirnoise do you have any vintage synths in your repertoire?

It’s an interesting article. I also love the Roland Juno series.
I’m using at the moment just software synths and emulations.

I started composing some music for a short movie some days ago, and the requirements were to make it sound really old school, chessy etc. Something like this. I would have loved to have some analogue gear. I managed getting some sound using emulations.

It’s a really expensive hobby using analogue gear. :laughing:

I want to get into modular synths tho.


I haven’t been producing music in a while but I have a friend here in Berlin who has a bunch of classic synths in his studio, including that Juno 106 - which I could/have spent hours tinkering around on :innocent:

Really interesting how some of the music/sounds that were considered cheese in the 80s/90s are coming back around as ‘New Age’ and finding a lane again. Very curious to hear those compositions when they’re ready!

This a pretty out there album I’ve been enjoying lately that’s I feel has some similar sound ideas worked into it

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Well, i spoke with the director about releasing also an OST. So that will happen at some point.

The album sounds really cool. I’m going to give it a full listen.