General questions about iMusician's development going forward


Even though I have had issues in the past with iMusician with releases, with all the stuff going on with other distros (recent drama with ‘distrokiz’ and ‘dunecore’) i think i have made the right choice to distribute with iMusician for a second year. I like the platform and the mods/ support staff are helpful and eager to correct mistakes, however I have a few questions for the future of iMusician.

  1. When will we get the payment split feature? Carlos mentioned in this post : Split Payment - #4 by NicoK that it will be available in 2023 but it’s been 7 moths and still no news. This is an important feature for people like me who release under their own label as I’d like to get other artists to be able to collaborate under my label.

  2. Can I release a track with me as one of the main artist and another artist (who already has instagram/ apple music/ beatport profiles) and it appears on both of our profiles? This is an important feature for people like me who release under their own label as I’d like to get other artists to be able to collaborate under my label.

  3. According to my research, spotify has different tiers of payout deals with distros as:

-Tier 1 (Highest payouts)
-Tier 2 (Modest payouts)
-Tier 3 (Lowest payouts)

Which bracket does iMusician land in? This is particularly important for small artists (most artists who are independent)

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Hey @Debreu

Thank you for your feedback and kind words :slight_smile:

I can say something about question 2. @Carlos or @Melani would then answer all other questions.

Regarding question 2: If you want a release to also appear on your collab partner’s profile, you must also specify them as the main artist. The release will then appear on your profiles and on his profiles. It is important that you select the correct profile of the collaboration partner when creating the release, so that the release later appears on the correct profile and not on an incorrect profile.



Hello @Debreu and @cantheproducer (thanks for the tag).

We are currently developing new features and improving the whole user experience within our app. We completely understand the importance of the royalty topic and it is a high priority, it is indeed under development. However, as for now, we are not able to provide a specific timing for this.
I can suggest you to check our FAQ on how to check the sales data, since they come in form of excel/google sheets, you could use filters to see the exact amount that one release/ISRC has generated.
There you go:


Hi, thanks for your answer Can.

Can I do this with as many artists as I want? Would it work on beatport too?

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What about my third question?

No I mean does imusician have a limit on how many collab releases I can make?

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Oh, that’s what you mean. Sry, I misunderstood the question. There is no limit.


Cool, can you give me some more info about how to correctly set this up please? I could DM you to not crowd the forum while we await a reply from @Melani .



Feel free to send me a DM :slight_smile:

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hey @Debreu, what is the question sorry? :sweat_smile:

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Can you check number 3. on my original post please

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Hey happy new week all! @cantheproducer and @Debreu

So, it is difficult to answer to your question as the royalty system of Spotify is hidden to distributors and it is also quite complex. As before 2024, the royalty system was based on different money pots and Spotify’s monthly revenue. However, the shares are not known and what we know is that the price per streams varies each month depending on variable factors.
You can check the new changes here: Spotify to change its royalty model in 2024 | iMusician
Only 19% of artists on Spotify had over 1,000 monthly listeners in 2023 - Music Business Worldwide

However, there is no precise answer to your question.