Getting a refund

I’m no longer in need of or going to use your services as I’ve gotten a distro deal.

I was wondering if a refund is possible.

My customer number is 3249457 dated August 23, 2021. The amount was for $362.61.

If a refund is available, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and have a great day

Hello @Kokorobenjam,

Congrats on you Distro Deal. Unfortunately, we can’t provide refunds for products that were bought more than a year ago.
Your Promo Credits in your account however are valid for an unlimited amount of time as long as you login once per year, so there might come a time where you’ll still want to use them for one of our products.
Maybe you also want to use some of our non-distribution products like instant mastering, which you can use also for external releases.

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This is not a correct answer.
Are you taking our money hostage ?

Hello @minizool We provide refunds within the time frame set by the legislator. We also provide refunds if there are any mistakes on our side. But I think it is understandable that you can’t go to a shop 1 year after you bought something and then request your money back.

I don’t totally agree.
I credited my account one year ago to get some services (you could pay once for a single including premium platforms forever without commission).
The services offer has totally changed (you must subscribe to get the same level of service) so customers should be able to be refund if it no more suit to them.

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I agree with this. A refund should be offered.

Many of us bought promotional credits for future use for the Rockstar service. As that service is no longer in use anymore, & we paid under the pretense that it would be available, the terms of the agreement have changed.

You are now effectively refusing to provide refunds for a service that is no longer provided, but was purchased under pretense of future use. As you have changed the terms of your service, we are not receiving the service that we paid for under the terms which we paid you for.

Hello, I recently purchased a release for $9.35. A few days later, I got an email that there was an error in the process of releasing it. I looked into it and found out that I had enabled cover page. Even though my release wasn’t actually a cover page. I would have to pay a 10-dollar subscription to change it. Instead, I would like to get a refund for the release and turn it into Promo Credits. The release was order 4066218705522.

Hi @SebastianT : I’ve cancelled your release and added Promo Credits to your account in the amount of the release invoice.

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Hi @DJ_Knetter_Gek Thanks for hanging in there. I can now confirm to you that we can in your case offer you Rockstar Releases for the Credits that you’ve initially bought. I’ve contacted you via DM for more infos.

Thank you so much!