Getting Artist Hub retrospectively

I didn’t select Artist Hub for some of my releases, so I need to create a couple retrospectively. When I try this, I’m directed to the page offering a choice of subscriptions. At the moment I’m on a free subcription, but as a classical composer I really need to be on one of the Amplify ones. I just want to make sure that I understand one thing: if I choose Amplify or Amplify+ for the Artist Hub that I want to create, is the fee (e.g. £100 a year for Amplify+) for the Artist Hub of that release only, or does it cover the Artist Hubs of all the others (retrospectively), and any future releases?

Hi @GarethGlyn : Of course you are entitled to have an Artist Hub also with our Free Subscription.
I’ll send you a DM where you can send me the details of your release, so I can help you out.