GIVING UP ON iMUSICIAN (after not receiving my money)

I’ve been using iMusician for almost 2 years and I have released an album, an EP and 2 singles so far through them.

Every single release had a problem of some sorts (there has not been any release without issues):

-release appeared on the wrong artist profile
-they overcharged me and instead of refunding my money (as any serious company would do) they “reimburse” me with promo credits
-failed to deliver to all stores they advertise
-CID not active for almost a year
-typo on track titles (even tough they I wrote them correctly upon upload)

Thinking in retrospective, I should have stopped doing business with this company a while ago, but well, here I am.

After all the changes they have done namely removing the Rockstar plan, keeping a percentage of the royalties or charge you a subscription fee and the lack of customer support if you are not subscribed to one of their new plans I was really considering using another distributor (even though I have some promo credits accumulated) but I thought:

Let’s give them another chance. I will request a payout (for the first time in two years!!) and see how they do. If they do it on time I might consider sticking with them if not… well, that’s it”

Now, more than 30 days after my payout request, lo and behold… no payment has been made…

After all their “mishaps” it was expected they will not deliver on their promise. I guess that was my mistake: thinking they would deliver this time.

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Hello @soundfiction Thanks for hanging in there. I agree this doesn’t sound good at all and this is definitely not the way we handle things around here.

I’ve sent you a dm asking for your account information and I’ll help you out directly with all of your questions right away.

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Hi @JonovoxStudio Thanks for your patience so far and of course we can help you out.

I’ve sent you a DM so I can have a closer look.