Guys, come on

The picture below is the main tabs of the iMusician dashboard. I have been an amplify+ customer for two years now, and I am also active on the forum posting regular suggestions to improve the platform as I believe the sincerity of the team. BUT,

Honestly, half of the functions and the flagship features do not work regularly.

-On the library tab, there is no option to delete an artist even if there is no music released by them on any platform. If you accidentally type in a name, it stays there forever. I have made a post about this nearly a year ago and support told me they are working on a fix, it is still not solved and it is confusing.

-On the same tab, under releases, there is still no option to remove tracks that have been taken down from the library.

-On the analytics tab, it has always been a mess with wrong data, but the last month have been outrageously bad. Surely this could have been solved by now. On your website you sell your product mentioning analytics capabilities but it has never been correct (apart from the completely off analytics last month).

-On the revenue tab under payout overview, the payments that have been processed never change from pending to paid if I do not contact support and tell them to fix it manually. Surely this has to be automatic. It is just confusing and adds another thing I need to think about as an artist and go to cross-check with my bank every month to see if the payment has been paid or not.

I am not even talking about the release pages where it is always buggy, and 90% of the links never show up.

I mean I know you guys are working, but maybe you should work a bit more diligently. I also would advise hiring an IT team that is capable, as these issues are very small issues that can be solved very easily. I am more than happy to provide you with contact details of IT people who can solve these issues in a week’s time if you cannot find a proper team.

Come on guys…

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Hi @Debreu, thanks for sharing your valuable feedback. We are constantly working to improve our products and features, I will bring this to our product team.
I will now follow the order of your topics to give you an understanding on what’s going on the back-end:

  1. The duplicate/unused artists can be deleted only if they are connected to an Artist Page/Release Page
    If you have names that are not connected to any code/snippet, I will be happy to have a look into them and delete them.

  2. Tracks can not able to be deleted but only their audio files. This has been already raised and it is in the plan :slight_smile:

  3. We are experiencing a delay with our Analytics tool and this will be solved with due time. Our developers are on it, be assured that trends will be updated as soon as possible , and your revenue will not be affected as we receive them directly from the shops.

  4. Usually, the status is changing automatically when the payment is sent out. However, if you encounter such situation, you can reach out and we will change the status for you (as happened).

  5. The Release Page can take up tp 48 hours to retrieve all the links. And, of course, you can reach out if this does not happen within this timeframe.

I thank you again for the insights and rest assured that your feedback is forwarded to our involved departments.

Kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

All the best,

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