Has the track been released How does payout work ? with graphics of Logo and title track for single - It’s all ready on this end and sent - received e-mail that it had? Also werecois vid. needed for youtube and how too obtain revenue

When creating release, says audio file already used - #4 by cantheproducer.

*Hi Carlos-/ Liana - - makin sure this goes too right person. -

  • With the new band ncopyrighted the name -

“ *Hi Carlos- It’s Nate - With the new band -
We just copyrighted the name - Behavior

“ LUNA FICTION “. my son had sent All you need to release the frost track from new album onto the different platforms you had replied that it had been released to Spotify, I believe. And needed to pay a little bit extra to have it on YouTube as well. Our main reason in reaching out to you so that we would have income coming in prior to releasing the tracks from different advertising companies on YouTube as well as paying clients buying the first single. Guess there was some miscommunication. And do apologize for the language barrier just realized that I could transfer it from French to English lol if it is easier I can give you my cell phone number? But please just email me back and let me know the status , I was pleased to see that there was a message saying that it had been released. I’m looking into that. My son is taking care of merchandise with his company that he’s starting. So there was some miscommunication. Maybe emailing him or myself. Anyway, we’re extremely excited as a band to be launching the album soon and the first single is just a start. Thank you so much for reaching back out. And I guess there was frustration from different clients of yours on the release. But I just feel it was a well I don’t know what exactly but feel free to call , I’m not fluent in French, but here is my cell phone number.
You can always email me. We had also sent you artwork for the band name and the song title. Our main concern was not leaking the music prior to having it set up and that was the advantage of working with your company to obtain revenue with hits and likes from advertisers And buys through Spotify and there was one other platform that I’m not thinking of the second. But I’ll touch base with my son too and give you his info that you do have, but just trying to make everything clear. I really appreciate it and thanks for all. - .

Actually, giving it one more thought was that last time I had reached out that email had gone to other clients as a thread. So I might leave out the phone numbers. And I will be paying attention to my email to make sure that you received. And please let me know as soon as possible, thanks so much - !

the audio File “Down Slowly “ you have and the art ART too use as well- - let me know anything needed on my end and we would ll be doing the same with the other songs and full Album- when completed - deadline will be approx End of Feb. and will be heading too Namm with too obtain endorsement in march ! -

Appreciate you ! - best / Nate.

And yes how does the payout work?

How does release and distribution work ??

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I have already adressed one of your requests here. Is this what you are referring to ?