Hello am DjCaludioCicconeabros

Hello am DjCaludioCicconeBros
Dj/producer and guitarist From Italy Naples
But i use living in milan and London for long time half of my life :innocent: . now back to naplesโ€‹:heart_eyes:
My new tune :loud_sound: "FlowerPeace "By
FlowerPeace & DjCaludioCicconeBros
Is now on #BeatportTop100ChartNewReleases
Link tune check it out Thank u :point_down::blue_heart:


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Thanks for sharing!
Come va a Napoli?

That might interest our curator who takes care of electronic music. Feel free to fill out this form to pitch your track: i'M Electronic - Electronic Music Playlist | iMusician

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Hello all good thank u so muchโ€ฆ ialready send to the playlis โ€ฆi will try again
Grazie milleโ€‹:heart::heart::heart: