Help with an artist on Apple Music

Hello :wave:
can you please help me with an artist? I need to move a release from a wrong profile to the good profile

Hello there!

Is it the first time your artist released on Apple Music?
Do they have their own artist page? Or do iMusician need to create a new one?

Please provide us with the link of the release on the wrong profile, the link of the wrong profile, and the link of the right profile (if it exists).
If your artist doesn’t have a profile yet, say so and iMusician will create one for you.

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Hi, no need to create a profile, here you go :
release to be moved : ‎Karl BANG! & Raxo, Vol. 3 - Album by Karl BANG! & Raxo - Apple Music
wrong profile : ‎Raxo - Apple Music
good profile : ‎Raxo - Apple Music
Thanks a lot

Thanks for the info!
@Carlos can you help please? (it’s possible that it’s the weekend already for the team now so you might have to wait until next week)


Hey @adamozi,

I’ve sent the request to Apple, your release will be moved to the correct profile within 2-3 weeks :slight_smile:



Thanks Carlos, would you please help me with another issue?
this release : ‎Karl BANG! & Raxo, Vol. 3 - Album by Karl BANG! & Raxo - Apple Music needs to be moved to the right “Raxo” profile as well : ‎Raxo - Apple Music

Hey @adamozi,

I’m not sure I understand your request; this is exactly what I did 2 days ago :thinking: