Hi all, I'm Stefan Jevdjic.I don't get any notification about activating youtube content id?

Hi. My release has been approved, however i don’t know how can i find my release on music platforms and i see my release not activated content id youtube?.Please check and guide me next steps. Thanks you!

Hey @StefanJevdjic ,
In your library, you can create your Artist Hub (music smartlink) so when your release will be online, you’ll be able to find some links where your music is distributed to (i.e Spotify, Deezer, etc)

Regarding YouTube, you have some answers here: YouTube | iMusician

Let us know if that helps.

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yeah. i see.there’s more,when will my release be actived content id youtube?

I’m still waiting for your reply

Hey @StefanJevdjic - I’ll forward this to @Maurizio who will be able to help out for this.

I have not received any support or any instructions yet. please !

Hi @StefanJevdjic
I’ll tag other experts for you
@Melani @Carlos if you can help out?

I am very grateful for your help. Thank you!

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Hey @StefanJevdjic!

As explained on this article, the Content ID will be activated 14 days after you have paid for your order.

If after this delay the CID is still not active, it simply means that the track doesn’t fit the elligibility criterias listed here and that the monetisation is unfortunately not possible :slight_smile:

If so please takedown the release on other online stores, I will distribute my release on another distributor.

@StefanJevdjic If you wish to takedown your release, please follow the procedure explained in this article.