Honour the Previous Subscription before Amplify and Amplify+

Hello can I get imusician digital to honour my subscription I paid for before you started The Amplify and Amplify Plus Subscription. The previous subscription I paid for says my song will be distributed to all platforms In exchange for 15% royalty. I paid for my Release on 6th January before the new subscriptions were started yet my song is Missing presently from Tidal, Anghami, Quboz. Can u fix it.

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I have the same problem … and It seems very difficult to get in touch with them to clarify the situation …

Can I get a reply from Imusiciandigital?

Hey @AlmightyBillionaire and @Greybeard
Every release paid prior to the 10th Jan 2023 stay with their old benefits:
Rockstar = 0% commission
Regular = 15% commission

That’s it!

@JJ_JJ Good so can I get my music to Tidal , Anghami and Qobuz. Because part of those benefits was you said you will distribute my song to all the stores and I definitely paid before 10th January 2023