How can I create my label?

I’m uploading my first release through iMusician, I would like to do future promotion on Beatport, so I have a few questions about creating my artist record label.

  1. I don’t understand anything about the process of registering my label, I need your help and advice. Could you please describe this process step by step? Do I need to register my label when I distribute my first release via the Label option in the release section at the time of distribution or does this need to be done in advance?
  2. If when adding a new custom name for the label that I want to create during the release distribution, I set the release date more than 1 month, will my release have time to undergo moderation and the label to receive verification so that the release is already published on my label?
  3. Do I need to put your label on the distribution first, or can I immediately enter my name and receive information about registration details in a reply letter?
  4. If I pay a one-time registration fee for my label, will I have to pay 20 euros to add this label in future releases? How long will this label be assigned to me?
  5. If I buy an aplify+ subscription and ship a release through it with the accompanying creation of my label, when the subscription ends, will the label disappear?

I will be very grateful for your answer!


hi @ellmny , let’s see if someone of the Community or @Carlos from the Team can help you with this, meanwhile you maybe want to take a look at this:

and this:

best, Andi


Hey @ellmny, thanks for your message! Basically, in the articles shared by our @Andi is everything well explained.
The creation and registration of the custom label can take up to 4 weeks, therefore the ideal is to set a release date considering such time. You will sent a form to enter all the information concerning the custom label.
In any case, no worries, because even if the release is being delivered before the registration is completed, we can add the custom label and have your release delivered to Beatport/Traxsource at a later stage.
The payment for the custom label will be added to the same order of your release.

Well, the AMPLIFY+ includes the registration for the custom label + other benefits. It might be worth to consider it, yes!

Hope this helps and have a great day!

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Thank you very much for the answers and articles!
I have studied everything, I still have more detailed questions, I will be grateful to you for your answers!

Did I understand correctly that when shipping my first release, I can immediately indicate my custom name, pay 20 € for creating my label, and then I will receive an email with all the details?

If I continue to upload tracks without an AMPLIFY+ subscription, will I need to pay 20€ for my label each time I upload?

If I pay for an AMPLIFY+ subscription before shipping my first release, will there be an additional fee of 20€ for shipping my first release and creating my own label?

If I create a label with an AMPLIFY+ subscription, will it be deleted when the subscription expires? And is it better to pay a one-time fee of 20 € so that the label remains with me forever and then I can buy an AMPLIFY+ subscription and not pay an additional 20 € for my label when shipping all future releases?

Hi @ellmny, you can create one custom label and use it for all the releases you will be creating since then.
Plus, you can create as many custom labels you like, but no need to pay each time to use the same one.

If you opt for the AMPLIFY+ plan and then decide to cancel it at a later stage, your custom label will not be deleted. But available again once you subscribe to AMPLIFY+ plan again.

Hope this helps and have a great day!

All the best,
Hope this helps and have a great day!

All the best,

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