How iMusician Works: Forever Online Music Distribution

Happy NYE everyone :champagne:

We’re super excited to kick off 2023 with a brand new music distribution & music management model that will make your life as an indie artist more simple, transparent, and affordable.

Intrigued? Check out this video and discover how to AMPLIFY your next release :wink:

No matter which plan you’re on — even if you change your mind and downgrade to our Free plan — your releases stay online as they were.

Our promise will always be: truly unlimited music distribution — forever!

:small_orange_diamond: AMPLIFY YOUR RELEASE

If you have any ?s about AMPLIFY, feel free to drop them here in this thread OR join us for a Live Webinar + Q&A session this week where we’ll answer all the ?s from our community :ear:

:small_orange_diamond: Click here to register for our English webinar

:small_orange_diamond: Click here to register for our French webinar

We’ll see you soon :v: