How long can a payout take?

I requested my payout on the 26 of september 2023. 3 and a half months ago! How can this be??
my account email is growing sick of this. All my other payouts before were approved aswell, and it´s 35$. please just process your payouts automatically without me always having to come here and annoy you guys.

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Hello @danielschulth

Thanks for your message.

In individual cases, payout may take more than 30 days, for example if further checks are necessary. You can read that in the following article–> How To Request A Payout? | iMusician

@Carlos will get back to you here shortly.



Hey @danielschulth,

I understand your frustration however it’s not as simple as this I’m afraid. Many factors can explain the delays; most frequently it falls within fraudulent activities and stream-boosting, which cause the platforms to withhold part of your revenue for additional verifications (they cannot monetize streams that have been acquired fraudulently). Of course, we also have to run a double check on our end, which will delay the payout procedure.

Also, a lot of times, the banks themselves are simply rejecting the transactions. This can be because the amount requested is too low compared to the fees you’ll have to pay, becaue the bank account has been blocked, because the bank details were incorrectly registered on the iMusician dashboard, etc.

In short, no we cannot just “process the payouts automatically” because there are things that need to be verified before we can send anything.

I did a little on your account and I see some discrepancies in the bank details you’ve registered, I’ve sent you a PM to clarify this.