How much does it cost to change a song and it's Artwork

How much does it cost to change a song and it’s Artwork. This question is for a already released song. Give me the total costs.

hi @AlmightyBillionaire , what exactly do you mean by changing a song? meanwhile I’m asking Carlos if he can help you with this :v:


Hey @AlmightyBillionaire,

Please be more specific with your request so we can tell you how much it would cost :slight_smile:


@Carlos so I released a song in January 2023. Now I want to change the song and I also want to change the artwork.

How much will it cost to do the following

  1. Cost of changing the artwork

  2. Cost of Changing the song

  3. Do I have to subscribe to any your plans like amplify plus before I can do the change?so how much is that.

So I want to know is if I subscribe to amplify plus do I have to pay extra $10 to change artwork and song or I pay for artwork and song individually?

@Carlos will get back to you shortly.



Thanks @AlmightyBillionaire,

Free modifications after delivery are only possible with our AMPLIFY+ subscription, so you can upgrade your plan and then request the modification for this release.

Alternatively, we can make the modifications for a one-time fee of 10$ and you won’t have to change your subscription.

Please let me know what you prefer so we can proceed accordingly :slight_smile: