How to change my artist name?

Hi, I want to change my artist name.
Now my artist name is Young 666, but I want this new artist name: Sancho.
Here is the information for my streaming platforms:
Youtube Profile link:
Spotify Profile link:
And my here is my Instagram profile:
Can you help me pls?

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hi @Manokaran , let’s ask @Melani and @Carlos from the Team if they can take care of this :v:


Hey @Manokaran,

Unfortunately it’s not possible to change your name with your releases online. You must request a takedown of all your Young 666 calatogue and then re-upload it. To do so, before you request the takedowns, make sure to have ready:

  1. All your audio files stored on an external drive;
  2. New artworks updated with the new artist name.
  3. Checked that your new artist name is compliant with the shops guidelines.

Once you’ve taken down the releases, please get back to me so I can help you with the reupload :+1:

Best regards,

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Hi Carlos,
I’ve done everything you asked for, so now I’m ready to remove and reload my releases with my new artist name.

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Hello @Manokaran

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos will get back to you shortly.


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