How to change the wrong artist profile link on online digital platforms?

My domain/profile is linked with a wrong user & artist. How to change this?

This CD is not from me.
This user & artist have no connections with all my online & offline music files.

Since the last 10 years, many online digital platforms copied the same mistakes (such as Spotify, itune, … amount others).

How to correct such a bad link?

Thanks for the help and suggestions,

  • Yang Jing (Jing Yang)

This CD is not from me

Hey @Aino

Understand that this is an annoying issue, it’s not something we can do anything about though as the shops are directly responsible for sorting this out.

Van you let us know which shop it is that has the issue and we’ll see if we can advise on a good approach.

Es guets Neus!
The Spotify seems struggling to figure out my name: Yang Jing & Jing Yang. it has such a problem since more than 10 years!
These ‘two’ names are the same person :joy:

CDs productions were oriented in both ways:
Western Name reading style: Jing Yang
Chinese Name reading style: Yang Jing

(my earlier CD/ DVD products were presented by different Labels)
here is a list of my sounds products

i hope finaly i could get me beheard via iMusician.
it would be great if iMusician could find a way to show some CD Booklets info.
I’m thinking about to publish a classical stlye orchestra music with all original compositions CD…(the costs of this product are high. it is very important for me to get the infomation right)

Thanks for the help!
Danke sehr!

Hello @Aino,

My understanding is that your releases ended up in 2 different artist pages:

Is that correct?

The issue is probably due to a mismatch in the artist name metadata exported by the distributor or label.
You have two options for addressing these errors:

  • Contact the Spotify for Artists support team
    This works when your music is mixed up with another artist.

  • Reach out to the distributor or label who put your music on Spotify.
    If there is a metadata mismatch, they are the only one who can fix this issue.

I hope this cleared out some doubts!

Regarding your next release, did you already have the chance to read our dedicated article about the distribution of classical music?

If you still have any specific question, do not hesitate to answer my message :slightly_smiling_face:

Spotify is using the wrong CD as my main domain ID. Because of this CD, i wrote few times in the past for to change… in the end, all my other CDs & radio are disappeared. only this wrong one is still handing on…

Maybe i shall re - publish my old CD, which had a similar title, plus a similar name:-)
The old CD has no digital form yet! I have the copyrights.
In which form can i put it on to the digital distribution platforms via iMusician?
is it a cover?

Thank you very much for the advice!

oh! i see. Many CDs are linked in now. However, the cover CD is a wrong one.
I would like to publish this original CD again.
shall i put it as the cover CD?
How can i change my Radio Cover id?

Danke sear!!

Hi @Aino,

  • Spotify offers you the possibility to claim your artist profile.
    Once you have claimed your profile, you will be able to edit your artist page and get these issues fixed.

Regarding your last inquiry, you won’t need to mark the release as a cover, but you can check out this link if you want to know everything about how to distribute a cover.

Thank you very much!

By the way, yesterday, someone in China was listening to my latest Issue, the «Moments II» Erzählungen 1 -7! (issued via iMusician)
Until now, i received yearly royalty from an old CD of mine since 2003! But not received other CD’s royalty.

Will you have access to collect this «Moments II» royalty from China?
a lot of people there are listening to what ever my CDs:-), mostly via CN digital platforms… i quest they are connected with all other digital audio platforms? ?

Dear @Aino,
I see that you released «Moments II» Erzählungen 1 - 7 on December 2022. This means that you will be able to see some revenue in 3-4 months.
If you need a detailed overview of your sales, download the report from our dashboard:

Here you’ll find all the details about sales and revenues.

If that shouldn’t be enough, you know how to reach out to me :blush:

OK. Danke!

Dear Maurizio,

i just received another additional payments for the Dec. 2022 release.
For this this release, i have paid 2 times (within 2 days) for the Label charge/
2 times fee for the Youtube M.

After paid for the Rockstar package, Today, additional payment was automatically made. …
There must be something wrong?!

Could you please clear up all these doubled payments & put into a yearly fee, according to the new iMusician’s Artist Hub Pro?


Dear @Aino,

For some reasons, I missed your answer :expressionless:
Thanks a lot for all the details.
I refunded the following:

  • Artist Hub
  • Content ID
  • Label Creation

I’ve also removed all the duplicated/empty releases from your library, so it is squeaky clean now :sparkles: