How to claim "Deezer For Artists" and "Amazon For Artists"?


iMusician historically managed to create my “Deezer For Artists” and “Amazon For Artists” profiles.

How can I now claim them to manage them by myself?

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Hi @AlexLaforge,

Thanks for your question!

Deezer and Amazon Music allow the artists to directly claim their artist profiles via Deezer for Creators and Amazon Music for Artists.

We have a whole webinar dedicated to Deezer for Creators here as well as a guide about how to set up your Deezer for Creators artist profile that you can find there.

For Amazon Music for Artists we also have a guide explaining how to claim your artist page here.

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Thank you for this detailed and targeted answer ! :grinning:


@AlexLaforge thanks for the detailed information! I’m trying to create a page for my label with Deezer for Creators, but when I try to type in “iMusician Digital” in the “Provider” field, there are no matching results and I’m unable to move forward.

It looks like Deezer is looking up what I type to match with an existing provider/distributor (I’m not able to “add” my own distributor). Is there another company name I should look for/type in the distributor field?

To give context, the webpage I’m on is:

Thanks for any help you can provide! Have a great day!

When I click on the link, I’m redirected to the main landing page.
Can you please send me screenshot of what you see (without sharing any confidential information, just the part about the distributor)?. Thank you.

Hey @JJ_JJ. For sure! Screenshots below:

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Hi @otaylor
I’ve sent an email to Deezer to check that out.

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Just saw you know we’re working on it. We’ll keep you updated.
Thanks again for sharing it.

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Same problem here
Any news from Deezer ?

Hi, I‘ve got this problem only with Amazon For Artists. I can’t connect my Instagram profile, even if it’s one of the two choices. When I open the link I found only the connection to Facebook.
Any ideas?

Hi, we are having the same problem registering a label account on deezer. Do you have any updates?
Thank you


Is there somebody working here ??

I chat with Deezer Support and they told “Imusicians is not the provider of your songs”
So, if you use another company name for working with deezer, just tell us, please…

@Carlos can you help here? Thanks! :handshake:

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Hello everyone,

  1. For Deezer: @HellProd and @Ben2, please try with " Kontor New Media"

  2. @Acadya This seems like an issue on Amazon’s side, please contact them so they can help you (as distributor we cannot offer assistance for this type of procedure).

Have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:

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It’s Kontor. Thank you.

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Not available ?

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Your rockstar commitment committed you to maintaining the terms of the contract despite your latest changes for the new contracts on ampify.

Why does this situation occur too often for many of us?

Can you please correct your mistake!

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@Sebiojazz du hast diese Nachricht bereits in einem anderen Beitrag gepostet. Bitte nicht nochmal posten.

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