How to close my account without amplify?

I’ve had an account since 2017 and I want to completely leave imusician. It is not possible to delete my account without buying amplify. I should be able to delete my account without having to pay for amplify. How do I do this?

hi @whatever I’m tagging @Melani here, you can expect an answer starting from Monday :v:


Hello @whatever, every use is able to delete the account :slight_smile:

Please follow here: How do I close my iMusician account? | iMusician

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Buongiorno @Andi :sparkles:


Thanks for your reply - but that doesn’t appear to be correct. Without Amplify the only option I am shown on my version of the imusician interface is to delete my Profile - but there is no option to delete my account. Please keep in mind my question is about how to delete my account without Amplify. So how do I do that?

I still do not get your inquiry @whatever, if you follow the instructions I shared you will be able to delete the account.

Please remind that the Community forum and the dashboard are two separated things. Closing/deleting your account will not automatically delete your profile here.

If you encounter issues while deleting the account, would you mind sharing the screenshot here? This will definitely help to understand :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed and have a great day!