How to edit released song?


I want to edit my released song, I have a feature artist on the song, and I would like to link the featured artist spotify/apple music, etc account to the song. So the song will be shown on his spotify account as well. How can I do that?

Hey @Gaby

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Changes for a release are possible if you have the AMPLIFY+ subscription → What if I need to correct something after my release was delivered? | iMusician

Whether changes of your kind are possible, I can not say 100%. If it’s not possible, you need to take down your release first → How to take down a release or deactivate the Content ID? | iMusician (“Requesting a Takedown for a release”) and re-upload it with the featured artist.

I’ll mention @Carlos from the iMusician Team, who will get back to you shortly. He can tell you more about it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hey @Gaby,

Could you please provide me with the barcode of the release in question so I can have a look at it ?

Thanks ahead :slight_smile:

I have the same problem!
I filled in the name of a feat. artist in one of my songs; I doubled checked everything before I delivered the release.
Then, for some reason the name of the main artist appeared on the feat. position (it looks something like “Elvis feat. Elvis”). A glitch I guess?
Is a correction possible?
Thanks in advance

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Hey @Jay,

Same thing, could you please provide me with the barcode of the release in question so I can check ?

Thanks ahead :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply.
The EAN is: 4066218788860

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@Jay, thanks! What’s the name of the featuring artist on the track “Spdbll Before Brkfst” ? I’ll make the change for you.

Also, if the artist in question has a Spotify and Apple Music profile, please provide the links so I can add them :slight_smile:

it’s “feat. Dane Joe”.
(Dane Joe | Spotify)
Thanks a million!


Done :slight_smile:

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Hi Carlos,
This is the barcode.
EAN 4066218131307

The featured artist is Justinian. Here’s his spotify link: Spotify


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Hey @Gaby,

I’m not sure what the problem is here? The track already appears on the Spotify profile you’ve mentionned :

Hi, how can I make Justinian as primary artist too? so it’ll show under his spotify account as his songs not only in the “appears on” section?


Hey @Gaby :v:

Thanks for your message.

If you create the release, you must also enter the other artist as a main artist so that the release can also be seen mainly on their profile.

I think changes of this kind are not possible after a release. @Carlos can you confirm that please. Thank you!

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Hey @Gaby,

This modification can be made, however only available if you’re on the AMPLIFY+ subscription.

You can either upgrade your subscription as explained here or request a takedown of the release, wait 2-4 weeks and then recreate the release with “Justinian” as a main artist this time.



There’s no option to just pay flat fee once?

hi @Gaby , technically, if you upgrade to Amplify+ for one month and make the mods you need, it’s like a flat rate once :blush: then you can still decide to downgrade back or to keep it :slightly_smiling_face: