How to transfer YouTube monetization?

I would like to move my label’s catalog (15 releases) from my recent distributor to iMusician. What is the best way to do that?

Also, my label’s music is recently monetized on a few dozens of YouTube shorts with over 100 millions views.
How to transfer YouTube monetization of these shorts videos to iMusician?

And is there an option for manual claims on YouTube at iMusician as our partner YouTube channel releasing 3-4 YT shorts daily with our music on them?

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Boris @ Lichen Records

Hello there!

For your first question, please take a look at this article: How do I switch from another music distributor to iMusician? | iMusician

For your second and third questions, I’m gonna ask @Maurizio to come and help :pray:


Hi Eria,

Thanks for your prompt reply and info.

I’ll be waiting for reply from @Maurizio

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Hello @lichenrecords,

I’ll follow your same order for clarity:

  1. To begin with, please contact your current distributor and ask them to take down your releases from all platforms, since moving your content while it’s online is not possible. Afterwards, you can re-create the releases with us.

Very important: When doing so, don’t forget to use the same ISRC Codes and Barcodes (EAN/UPC) so your tracks can keep all their statistics such as streams, downloads and playlist entries.

  1. You can order the YouTube CID monetization either along with the distribution of your release (1€/track) or afterwards as a standalone product (20€/track). After you’ve ordered the Content ID, it will take 14 days for the monetization to be activated on your tracks (if they are eligible).

Shorts are being monetized and are counted along with the Content ID revenue.

  1. I’m not sure I understood your question. I guess you’d like to monetize some specific content by yourself. With iMusician you can do that by either adding a specific video to our allowlist, or the entire channel.
    We can stop collecting revenues on the content you upload on that channel. To do so, we will add it to our allowlist and only videos uploaded by third parties will be monetized by iMusician.

Hello @Maurizio,

thanks for your reply and information about YouTube monetization.

My question was about manual claims on YT shorts, when CID don’t recognize them automatically.

Do you have this option?

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Thanks @lichenrecords,

Even though the Content ID revenue includes YouTube shorts, we cannot manually trigger its algorithm.
I hope it will be recognized soon!

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Hello @Maurizio,

you don’t need to trigger its algorithm, you just need to use The Manual Claiming Tool is a feature available in Studio Content Manager provided by YouTube:

Could you please check if you have this tool available in your Studio Content Manager.

Many thanks.

Hello @lichenrecords,

Unfortunately we do not have access to the manual claiming tool for Content ID. Due to abuse from copyright owners, YT severely restricted access to this feature through the years.


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Hello Carlos,

thanks for info.

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