How to update the artwork

I keep receiving this:

Unfortunately, we cannot deliver it to the shops yet due to the following reasons:

  • According to the guidelines of most major shops, only the main artist of the release is allowed on the artwork.

Please remove the feat. artist from the artwork and send us the new artwork.

I created an artwork with my daughter and I added her name on it too. I just want to remove her name and keep going but it seems it is not possible. I tried to remove and add it again but the field for the Release artwork is greyed…

release 7610096033092


Hello @LionH

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos can you help here please? Thanks! :+1:

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Hey @LionH, thanks for the reply!

We are already in contact via emails, please reply to my email sending us a new artwork :slight_smile:
Then, we will proceed with delivery! :rocket: