I cannot press the [Submit] button on Issue Resolution Center "make-api-happy"

I got a message from iMusician Team like below.

Unfortunately, our quality assurance team has found some issues which are preventing your release from being sent to the shops. Please see below for further details:

iTunes/Apple Music rule: We need Japanese letters for this title.If you cannot provide the requested information we’ll exclude iTunes and Apple Music from the music distribution.

In case that I don’t want to use Japanese letters for my tracks and I don’t care if my tracks will not be released on iTunes/Apple Music, can I leave it without do anything?
Even then will my tracks be released on all shops except iTunes/Apple Music on the release date that I specified?

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Hello @kaz

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos or @Fabiola will get back to you shortly.



Hey @kaz,

We’ll try to deliver it as such by excluding Apple Music. We’ll get back to you if that doesn’t work.