I have given copyright to the wrong owner

I have given copyright to the wrong owner. I’m setting up a new release for my friend Vicki. It is an album of covers. I gave the copy right to the record label that owns the covers. As it turns out, my friend has paid for the rights to use the music and they are 100% her recordings. I would like to change the copy write to “Vicki Lee” I paid for the amplify subscription to be able to edit this myself but as it turns out, you’re not allowed to edit your release with this subscription. I know it’s my fault but I’m just trying to do my friend a favour and get her music online. The least I could do is give her the credit/copyright. Please help me. Thank you. - Jack Moser

Hi @Jackmoser

Some fields need our intervention to be changed and redelivered. Please, reach out to the team via your ‘Need Help’ button in your iMusician account so they’ll be able to help you out.

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