I haven't get paid

I requested a payout but haven’t received it yet. I received an email stating that due to unexpected circumstances, there has been a slight delay in the payment schedule. The payment was to be processed promptly and would take no longer than 10 working days. However, it has been more than 15 working days, and I still haven’t received the payout. Additionally, I can’t request another payout as it currently shows $0. I tried to contact them but haven’t been able to find a way.

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hi @johnting99 , I’m forwarding your question to @Carlos and @Melani from the Team so they can take a look at this :v:


Hey @johnting99, you are not affected by the scenario explained in the email you’re referring to.

If you take a look at your dashboard, you’ll see that your payout request from 13.06.2024 has not been cancelled. It will be processed within 30 business days as usual, so you have to wait until 25.07.2024 to receive it.

Regarding the 0$ displayed, that’s normal because in your 13.06.2024 payout request you’ve already selected the total amount of revenue you’ve generated.

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