I just released a new song on Muscle Shoals Syndicated Radio network "Our Town" YouTube.com

Our Town new release go to franktrousdell.net have a listen check many more recently released tunes. Go To Howler Indie Picks as well. Our Town was inspired after watching The WWE Wrestling giant Million Dollar Mans documentary Ted Debiosi.


@frankyfabs my left feet is moving this is good sound. Big love to Columbia Britanica, lake Louise missed me :wink:

Thank you A2D go to franktrousdell.net and check out more of my tunes or to YouTube musician.franktrousdell.com

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@frankyfabs already done :wink:

Thanks for sharing @frankyfabs and nice work on your release ‘The Runner’ :headphones:

Interested in putting out on any other platforms outside of Bandcamp? :wink: