I payed already for 2 CDs and still didn't released them. Where is the money?

Hi everyone.
Well, I have already some CDs by iMusician. Someday there was a promotion and I payed it for 6 CDs. I put until now only 4 CDs on line. For my big surprise, so many things changed now, I have even to pay 50.- per year to have my CD on line… I understand that this is the new rule. But, where are my 60 swiss francs that I already payed?
The way that I understand the thing, I think that those 60.- would allow me to pay or put 3 CDs on line (20.- each). Is that right?

And of course, besides that, I would pay the 50.- per year to have that AMPLIFY thing.

Thanks for answering me. Rodrigo

hi @rodbottermaio , your music will stay online forever with every subscription plan you choose, from Free to Amplify and of course Amplify+ (see this for more info: Pricing | iMusician) and yes an album has a cost of 20€. So you could have your 2 remaining CDs released and have 2 month of Amplify+ or 4 month of Amplify before you could switch to Free or release 3 CDs directly with the Free Plan and your Music would in any case be online forever :smiley:
I hope this could help and please feel free to ask whatever questions about the new subscription plans and their incredible opportunities here, so that you can find the best solution for your future releases :v:


Hi Andi and everyone. Thanks for your answer.
I confess that I get really confused… For example: you help me a lot with this answer, but you don’t work for iMusician or do you? How do I know that you are right with this answer? (sorry for asking this :slight_smile: -

I also don’t get this point: I use the 60.- swiss francs that iMusician still have from me, I put a new CD and let’s say, I use AMPLIFY, putting my music for all the world. How it would work if 4 months latter I reduce to Free Plan? They would cut my music from all platforms in the world and keep only 4? I don’t get this point… It was so easier before…
Thanks! Rodrigo

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hi @rodbottermaio no, I don’t work for iMusician :slightly_smiling_face: but to be sure we can ask @Carlos if he can check :v: and no, your music would not be taken down, from no platform, it would stay in the stores, even if you change plan, what changes is just the commission that would go from 0 (Amplify+) or 5% (Amplify) to 10% (Free). Your Music stays online, forever, as by the moment of pubblishing, whatever subscription plan you use at the moment.


Thanks a lot again, Andi!
As you can see, everything here is new for me :slight_smile:
At the moment I have no plan, because I didn’t even know that they changed completely the way of work…
I am so stupid, that I waited so much time to put the last 2 CDs, because if I understood well, the problem is not the 20.- to put them, also not about the 5% that I must give them, but the 500.- that I have to pay per year. In 10 years it will be 5000.- … It makes a very big difference. Grazi e tanto! Caro saluti Rodrigo

Hey @rodbottermaio

welcome to the community. I would also like to comment on the following statement.

We don’t work at iMusician, but we are in close contact with the iMusician Team. Our answers are based, among other things, on official articles, which can be read on the iMusician homepage, and on experience values ​​that we have collected in the community through the iMusician Team.

Means, if we can answer a question, it will also be answered by us community moderators. If not, we always mention someone from the iMusician Team, who will then take care of the question. As a conclusion, you can trust us. :slight_smile: :v:

Best regards,


hi @rodbottermaio , just to explain better: it’s not 500.- but 50.- per year (!) if you stick to the amplify for one whole year, otherwise it’s 5.- per month or 0.- if you decide to switch to Free after pubblishing :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, I see. Thanks a lot also to you.

It was really not easy for me to understand how to put a question here 2 days ago, but finally (I don’t know how) it worked. And somehow you guys help a lot, it was much faster then before, that I had to wait 2-4 days to get an answer :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I should write here or in another Chat, but: HOW DO I DO TO GET MY MONEY from all those years? I never got any… (I don’t mean those 60.- that I payed already to put 2 CDs on line). Thanks! Rodrigo


Ops, you are right, sorry!
Ha ha, I understood 500.- and that would be crazy…


The conversation can be continued here. Andi has already tagged Carlos from the iMusician Team, who will be in touch with you tomorrow.


you can ask for payout from your dashboard clicking on the “revenue” button :v:

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Hey @rodbottermaio,

I confirm what @cantheproducer and @Andi have said so far. All the information they have provided you with is available on our website in the FAQ section, which I highly recommend you take the time to go through : FAQs - How Can We Help You? | iMusician

Regarding your second question, you can request a payout of your revenue by following this procedure : How To Request A Payout? | iMusician



Thanks a lot!

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Thanks a lot also for this information and I will go there right now. :slight_smile:


Hi Carlos and thanks a lot for your help.

Well, them I make the other questions right now and right here:

1- iMusician changed the rules and the prices (if I want to be in all platforms I must pay per month or year now). WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE OLD ALBUNS THAT ARE ALREADY THERE? When I put them it was written that this would be forever. So, I believe that nothing changed with the older Albums that are already on line, right?

That means: I would to have them everywhere. If I decide now not to start paying per month/year, ARE THEM GOING TO STILL BE IN ALL PLATTFORMS or will you reduce them to only 4 Platforms?

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The thing that makes me crazy with all this is the fact that I already payed BEFORE the new rule came…
I am a kind of disappointed with this new Rule of paying fix per year and I was even thinking about leaving iMusician. But as you read above, I payed already for some Albums (it as a 50% promotion, so, instead of 60.- per Album, only 30.- CH); Now I have to decide what to do with that. I was so chocked when I saw that everything changed and I see how stupid I was, not to be fast enough, putting the 2 CDs there in the old Category or agreement…

Thanks a lot

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I hope this is the last Question for day (sorry) :slight_smile:

I believe that those 50.- per year is per Person and not per Album, right?

So, I would pay those 50.- and put how many Albums I want (and I would pay 20.- per Album).
I suppose that it is like this, it would be crazy to pay 50.- per year per Album plus the starting 20.-

Thanks for all answers :slight_smile:
Greetings from Zurich

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your albums, former and future releases, will stay online forever whatever your subscription plan was, is or will be :v:
And yes, it’s per person, not per album :smiley: so you can release one album , two albums or more with Amplify or Amplify+ to all platforms, pay for just the time you need, switch back to Free the next month and everything will stay online on all platforms ! Forever ! Including the releases you did before the new subscription model :v:


@Andi, couldn’t have said it better! :handshake:


Hi Andi and thanks again.
As someone wrote before in another chat, this Chat is amazing and you guys help us a lot, thank you!

I am almost getting there, there is only one thing that I don’t get yet:

Let’s say that I pay the 20.- to put a new Album (it does not matter that my money is already there), than I also pay for example 10.- let’s say, for 2 months (Amplify). Them my music would be in all platforms, everything ok.

THEN I would make a downgrade to FREE and my music would still stay in all platforms? I don’t understand this part…

This thing with ONLY 4 PLATTFORMS makes me confused… Of course I want as many as possible…
I hope you understood my question or situation :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! Rodrigo

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