I tried to pay for my song release and it charged my card and then immediately refunded it and now its not working

I am trying to release a song, and I am trying to pay for the release but when I was on the checkout screen I clicked pay and nothing happened on the screen, but then I looked at my phone and it charged my card for it and then immediately refunded it and now when I look in the release library it has my song there and it says waiting for payment. So I click “pay and release” and it takes me to the checkout page but there isn’t anything on it and says “Amount to pay: $0.00” and there also isn’t a button to check out. I want to know what I’m doing wrong and how to fix this issue.

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Hello @CozySomber

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos will get back to you shortly.


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Hey there @CozySomber, I checked in your account and the invoice is still unpaid:

When you have such situations, please check also the sections of your invoices:

Crossing fingers and all the best!