I want to contact someone from the support team (preferred in german)

Hi, I’m trying for weeks(!) to get support for an release, that obviously has some mistakes.
I’m slighty going mad because I just need a human beeing, which can help me. That should be possible, in a normal world. Previous to this weird “community support” system I always got good answers via e-Mail. So can anybody tell me how to get in touch with someone from the support preferred in german?
BR Rob

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for German Support please contact @Christoph


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Hey @RRR

Can you specify the issue please? (You can type in German)

@cantheproducer thanks for the response, Christoph is out of the office for a few days.


Hi, I would like to add the names of the artists who have collaborated with me in the metadata of my ep, is it possible? (the names of these artists are already present in one of the tracks of my ep)

Hi @RRR Just replied to your message in German. Sorry for the delay. Let’s get this sorted!

Hi @Moses85 Modifications to your release after delivery are only possible if you’re an AMPLIFY+ subscriber.
However, you can just try it out for 1 month and contact us directly via mail and we’ll have a look at your request.

I have the same experiance.
One file of my release was corrupted during the upload,
I can not find a way to get support. While I joined Imusician 10 years ago

This is not the way things are stated in the users agreement.
We should be able to get support via this community forum

Hey Walter,

Essentially we used to charge ~10euro for a change to an already released release.

It is very easy for customers to upgrade (and downgrade, you can even set the subscription to “not renew automatically” as soon as you upgrade) so we decided to go for this method. AMPLIFY+ Subscribers get changes for free, therefore you can submit multiple changes at once if required.

We’re also working on a way to automate this. The music industry still mostly exists in the past, where any edit to any track should result in a new ISRC (and then the crate-diggers would be able to find the version with the typo on the sleeve) so it is not as easy as one might initially think.

Also, we have moved our support here, to the community where a whole range of real humans can respond to question you might have. So, please let myself or @Christoph know which track it is that is corrupted and we’ll get on and fix it.

Hi @Walter I’m going to write you a DM so I can have a look at your account. If there ist any issue with the audio files, we’ll get it sorted.