I want to release an album of classical music but don't need the Amplify+ account after this. What can I do?

Dear iMusicians,

I recorded Christmas songs (during summer, which was a special experience) with a choir. Now there is the plan do make the music available on streaming platforms. I see that it is necessary to have a Amplify+ account to release classical music.

Is it possible to use this account only for one month to release the album and then go back to a free account? There won’t be more recordings in the near future - so the pro account is not needed anymore after the release.

Many thanks in advance!

Hey @Silvano

thank you for your message.

Yes, that is possible. You can choose between an annual or monthly option.

The Amplify+ Monthly subscription costs €10 per month. A one-time fee of €20 is due per album. If you switch to the free subscription after the release, only the commission will change. With a free subscription, 10% commission is due.

You can find further information here → Pricing | iMusician

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Hi @cantheproducer,

Wow that was fast!
Thank you very much. That’s how I assumed it would be. Thanks for your help!