Iban issues

Hi. I would like to ask since in our country we dony have iban, and i believe i have to fill in the blank space, what do i type in there if we dont have iban? I tried typing the bank code but it didn’t work… Pls acknowledge. Thank you.

Hey @Dee :v:

Thank you for your message.

Someone from the iMusician Team will get back to you shortly.

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Hey hey @Dee , have you tried with a paypal account?

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Hi. I guess it’s more convenient for me if the transfer would be done thru my bank account. Is there a way to settle the iban issue as we dont have it here in our country? There might be a different acceptable code to input on the space… Thank you

Hello @Dee,

You can either:

  1. Use a PayPal account;
  2. Use a payment provider that issues SEPA IBANs like Wise, Revolut, etc.

Thanks for your understanding and have a nice day.