I'm locked out of my original account!

Title says it all really! My registered email address is defunct and I cannot access my account which has 3 releases attached to it from around 2008/9.

Is there any contact email I can use to fix this please?!!!

Thanks All

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Hello @dRAWBACKS, sorrz to hear that you are having issues accessing your account! Any barcode of a release that we can try to look for?

Awaiting for your response and all the best,


Hi Melani

Thanks for your response. I have 3 releases by dRAWBACKS with iMusician:

Psy Ops

The Blacklight barcode was 5060047113984

Many thanks


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Hey @dRAWBACKS , I see our team has changed your login credentials back in 2018!
Let me send you some instructions via DM so that you can also share screenshots :slight_smile: