Improperly formatted tracks and release name

Spotify Release Link: Fr!!Endly F!!Re W!!Ll Not Be Tolerated - EP by PEROXIIDE | Spotify

“Fr!!Endly F!!Re W!!Ll Not Be Tolerated” should be " FR!!ENDLY F!!RE W!!LL NOT BE TOLERATED", all capitalized.

There’s the same problem with all tracks under this release and it seems it only formats the text like that on Spotify and Instagram Music.

If there’s a way to capitalize all of the track titles and release title i would really appreciate it!

hi @Hydrae , let’s see if @Melani can help you with this :v:

Hey @Andi , thanks again for the tag!

Hello @Hydrae, sadly Apple Music does not accept such capitalization. Since we delivered to all shops selected, the title was automatically changed into the accepted format. However, if you wish to maintain the format you chose, we can exclude Apple Music from the shops selection. In such case, please let me know :slight_smile:

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Hey @Melani ! thanks for the reply on that.

I want to keep the original names no matter what, and i’m pretty sure i didn’t even select Apple Music as the platform for this release, so it would be lovely if the original capitalized names were applied to “Spotify” and “Instagram Music”.

Best Regards,

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Ow Mikołaj @Hydrae , let me check and get back to you then!

I know that certain symbols (like .) require the capitalization afterwards, let me see with the quality team if this is the case for the esclamation point (!) as well.
Talk soon!

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Thanks @Melani !

Let me know what they comeback with.

Hello again @Hydrae , we sent a delivery to all shops for the correct format. The update will take up to 4 business days!