iMusician Account and Releases

I was notified that my account. is currently under investigation by IMusician’s trust and safety department, as you have received information from YouTube indicating fraudulent activities that have resulted in significant financial losses for the platform and, consequently, for iMusician.

As a precaution, you have removed the goods from CID, blocked the account and suspended payments until you can verify that no fraudulent activity has occurred. How is this possible? As long as YouTube promotes the videos and raises the channel to the top, the situation is very strange. I did not break any rules, I distributed content with my copyright and every time I checked that the rules of the youtube community were not violated.

The given problem arrived a few days before the payment.

Hello @ELENA,

If our Trust & Safety team has contacted you regarding the activity that has been detected on your account, they are now your point of contact for any question regarding this topic. I will therefore ask you to address your questions to them only and not here on the Community forum :slight_smile:

Thank you and have nice day !

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