iMusician for an independent label

Hello iMusician,

I’m impressed with your offering and pricing seems very fair. Are the three account tiers all designed to serve a single artist with one name and no alias?

I’m starting a small independent digital-only record label, and I’m looking for a distribution partner than I can use to place new music by both myself as well as other new artists that I will be developing under the same label. Can this be done with iMusician? Would each artist need their own iMusician account?

Does iMusician support the creation of Label pages on sites like Beatport?



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Hello @highseason, thanks for your kind message!

At iMusician we offer the possibility to have multiple releases of different artists under the same iMusician app. This is possible because you pay once per release!!

Let’s make an example: your digital-only record label has artists X,Y and Z.
You can create and distribute under the same account the releases for artistX, artistY and artistZ paying for their release separately!

Regarding Beatport, yes we do! Please have a look here for more info: How To Distribute On Electronic Music Shops? | iMusician

Hope this helps and wishing you a great start then!


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appreciate the quick response. iMusician is the front runner in my search now. Hope to be a customer soon :slight_smile:

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