Imusician refusing to pay using same bank account as before

Hello team,

After you guys decided to delete my bank and PayPal information from my account (for reasons unknown to me) I tried adding my bank info once again, however it says “Missing country code on IBAN”.

Could you please tell me why I cannot add the same bank account I used before in which I already have received payments from you? Thank you!

Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 3.35.21 PM

Hello @soundfiction,

If your bank/Paypal account was deleted from your dashboard, it means that the information you had initially registered was formatted incorrectly, which seems to be confirmed by the error message you’re encoutering.

Please enter a valid IBAN number consisting of an alphabetical country code, followed by two digits, and then up to thirty five characters for the bank account number :slight_smile:


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Hello @Carlos,

Thank you for your response, however:

  1. I used that bank account number before and I received money from imusician
  2. The country I live in does not use IBAN

Perhaps you are not aware but, not every country in the world use IBAN. And again, I already received money from you guys before so I would like to have this sorted as soon as possible please.

Thank you!

Hello @soundfiction,

Yes, we are aware of it :slight_smile:

As explained here :

“In order to initiate a payout via bank transfer you will need to provide a valid IBAN and full bank account holder details. If you do not have an IBAN, we recommend using a payment provider that issues SEPA IBANs such as WISE, REVOLUT, etc. or you can also request the payout via PayPal.”


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Thank you for the information Carlos.

So just to clarify, despite I have received payments from imusician before into a bank account from a country that does not use IBAN, now suddenly those payments cannot be made?

That’s what you are trying to tell me?

Thank you

In addition, I was told by @Christoph the following:

Clearly you are able to process payouts without IBAN.

I am starting to think that since I am requesting payouts for releases made with the old rockstar scheme in which you don’t get any commission perhaps this is your way of getting rid of me since you can’t get any more money from me?


  1. Do not publicly share email adresses on the Community.
  2. You are referring to an email that dates from March 2023, there have been changes sinces regarding the types of accounts we accept (which, by the way, has nothing to do with you and your Rockstar commission…). Everything is explained in the article I’ve linked you to, please read it :slight_smile:


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  1. Are you talking about the customer support email? Didn’t know that was supposed to be private…

  2. Thank you for the info. This disappointing experience shows once again it is not suitable for me to keep releasing my music through you. Despite I got offered my next release for free due to your poor service and lacking customer service, all the constant headaches are not worth it even considering having your service for free :slight_smile:

Thank you @Carlos


  1. This applies to all email adresses. Please do not share them publicly on the forum.
  2. I’m sorry to hear that. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you need help with anything else :slight_smile: