iMusician Show 18 || Virtual Concerts, Napster &The Future of Streaming

In this week’s episode, we talk about music streaming service Deezer, namely its predictions for the future but also an interesting new feature the platform recently launched - hum identification anyone? :ear:

We also discuss some changes happening at the infamous streaming service Napster, and we once again take a look into the future as a few virtual reality companies are starting to create virtual concert experiences :robot:

AND we shine the spotlight on fresh music from community members Frida @putzirecords, @ELDIABLO, @Panfle & @Snowmoney :sparkles:

:small_orange_diamond: Deezer for Artists & Labels
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:small_orange_diamond: Napster
:small_orange_diamond: AmazeVR


Hello! Many thanks for including Frida ( and Putzi Records in your YouTube show 18. Very appreciated. Frida’s new EP Ana Min (who am I) will be released on November 11. Putzi Records (yours truly) can be found at WOMEX 22 in Lisbon next week. Let’s meet up (Swiss stand; email me at Cheers!


Happy to feature Frida this week as we’ve been loving ‘The Freedom to Be’ :headphones:

Looking forward to ‘Ana Min’ here soon! Enjoy the time in Lisbon for WOMEX 22, absolutely love that city and have always been curious about that conference.

Not sure if we have team members passing through there next week but will poke around and see, if so will send them you’re way!

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Hi Nicholas. And great, I will be happy to meet iMusician people at WOMEX (if there are any). Let’s see what happens… Best, Kurt

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