iMusician Show 26 || Classical Music with iMusician

The iMD Show 26 just dropped! :boom:

In this episode, Kay talks about the state of classical music and its fans. And he will introduce you to helpful tools for classical music artists provided by iMusician.

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Hey @Kay

as always a very successful episode. Keep it up! :clap:

I have an idea for further episodes. How about if artists from the community tell their music path? How they started making music. Ups and downs, and where they currently stand, which projects are planned for the future.

What do you think about the idea? :sunglasses: :wink:


Thank you @cantheproducer :raised_hands:

Great idea! how about doing it with you? Would you collaborate with us on our next episode? :handshake:


Thank you for your reply, Kay! :sunglasses::facepunch: Very gladly. I am writing you a PM :v: