iMusician Show 32 || How to Get Your Song Played on the Radio?

The iMD Show 32 is Live Now! :boom:

Kay talks about the nitty-gritty of getting your songs on the radio as an indie musician and the benefits of it in this episode. Tune in for another exciting iMD Show!

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Very interesting episode. Thanks Kay! :metal:

In 2019 I tried to get a song of mine on the radio. Unfortunately it didn’t work out because certain conditions were not met, e.g. being registered with GEMA. They wanted to know a certain number from me.



Hi @Kay :wink::ok_hand::notes:

Interesting hints. On my side, I’m registered with a PRO but earn not a lot due to radio.

I must said also that French radios have revenue and obligation to play a great percentage of French language songs this will let not much to English songs and even less to DIY Indie artists like me.