Imusician Streams Analytic Tool displaying wrong information

Hello iMusician team,

I write in regards of the analytic tool that appears on my iMusician account. On march 4th, it appears to be a decrease on the number of streams (see attached file below)

However, when comparing the information with the one displayed on Spotify for artists they do not match (see attached file below)

Please note, it is not a Spotify problem since I also get some additional streams from Apple Music which do not appear on the march 4th count and also, I have more than one artist associated with my iMusician account.

Could you please take a look? (also, please let me know if you need some additional information from me).

Thank you and have a great day!

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Somehow, the info was corrected and now the (apparently) correct number of streams is displayed


Hello @soundfiction, thanks for the useful information!

Please take into consideration that could be always a delay when comparing the analytics. Glad that now the numbers are getting similar!

Cheers and kudos for your music!

Hi @Melani , I know there can be delays especially in the last couple of days as seen in the pic below
Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 7.26.54 PM

But having the wrong information after several days as seen in my initial picture is not normal. That’s why I created this topic. What bothers me a bit is that one day after my “complain” the information was corrected. It looks a bit suspicious if you ask me…