Inadmissible change, need response

Hello in 2018 I published an album with 0% commission fees and for life, and I see that the site has changed and that I have 10% commission as well as the platforms that have been modified.

I hope this is a joke? I paid for a service I would like it to remain as it was.

Now you offer subscriptions! Where are the payments made in one go with zero commission fees?

Hi and thanks for your message,

Someone from the staff will confirm, but you don’t have to worry: all releases before the changes stay the same. So if in 2018 you paid for a release with 0% commission, then even today you keep all the revenus.
The changes only concern releases in 2023.

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Thanks for the response @eriahummingbird and you are indeed correct.

We also like it when what you paid for is what you get, so we made sure that that is exactly what happened.

Any release made before 10th Jan 2023 will stay with the conditions with which is was sold. (e.g. 0% commission).

With the exception of support - but we created the community instead which has allowed us to answer people faster than was possible with just email support.

I am not sure what you mean by this?

Thank you for your answers .

I understand better, when I talked about one-shot payment with zero commission fees without sales, I wanted to talk about that if I release new songs I want to use the Rockstar formula and not the subscriptions, basically I chose Imusician only because it does not offer a payment method by subscription but only one payment.

If you no longer offer this offer, you risk losing a lot of artists.

Hey @Benji

I’ve discussed in detail why we made the changes we made and why we truly believe that this is beneficial to all of our artists. You can read this here:

Fortunately a lot of customers agree with us and we’re continually growing the number of artists releasing with us :slight_smile:

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I have a hard time believing it, because the majority of people coming to Imusician was to offer one and only payment, what you are doing by offering only subscription is not good at all, other competitor offers as well see better without paying so much and with zero fees.

Basically, on the contrary, this is the opposite effect, paying only around €80 once or paying a high sum each year? in addition to that I had access to analytics and now I no longer have access to it because it is part of the subscriptions… you have concretely succeeded in destroying the base of what artists like, dear Imusician,.

Are you going to offer your Rockstars offers again? which are much more interesting

Hey @Benji

As discussed here, we won’t be offering Rockstar again.

Okay so Imusician is no longer an interesting platform I would go elsewhere, thank you have a nice day

Hey @Benji

Genuinely sad to see you go - but do let us know which platforms you’re looking at so we can compare. As far as I am aware the rockstar style offering doesn’t exist anywhere anymore.

On this subject you are right, I am waiting to see that another company will offer a one-shot payment system otherwise I will drop such platforms.

I saw that you made a comparison with Distrokid and tunecore, I rather watch distrokid, we can put as many songs as we want at once, but even that doesn’t interest me.

I really like what you proposed before and I noticed that many in the community quote being annoyed that there is no longer this method of payment

This type of offering used to be fairly normal, we hung onto it for as long as possible, but it just wasn’t popular in the market anymore and it had got the the point where it wasn’t providing us or the musicians that we spoke with what they wanted anymore.

And, being totally honest, it just didn’t work for us anymore.

You mentioned

I’m intrigued - does this mean you won’t do distribution at all? Where would you release music in the future? (genuine question, :slight_smile: )

To answer your question yes, if no platform offers a one-time payment system with zero commission, I would go through sites to which they can sell their digital music free of charge (a simple basic website) or only in physical, because having to pay annually is something that slows me down enormously and has never interested me, so even if I can’t distribute on platforms like amazon, Qobuz because of my decision I would do it.

In 2018 when I distributed my first album (dear you) I had looked a lot at other distribution platforms and yours had suited me, if I had not found one I would have only offered otherwise without going through distribution sites.

If I had several singles, EPs, albums to release, the offer would be interesting if it was every year, on the other hand, like many I think that we only publish a single or EP or albums, every 2-3- 4 years or more according to some people, so for this type of clientele the subscription is much too expensive and not at all profitable, maybe for distribution sites it is but not for the clientele.

Even if you have to pay 100€ to release an album, I would do it without worrying that it’s all at once.

To see in the future if you will propose this offer again, offer the subscription and payment offers at once, in the end it will attract more people and including me.

Because the free offer is in my opinion useless, it is just there to make it beautiful, nothing more

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Firstly, I’d recommend looking at SoundCloud - it allows you to directly upload your music (up to 3 hours of music I believe) for free. They also have some additional options if you join a paid subscription.

Secondly -

I disagree here - we designed the subscriptions to be more affordable rather than less affordable. The actual cost of releasing with iMusician actually reduced with this change. You mentioned about paying 100eur to release an album - from what we see, only a very small fraction of our customers would actually make this money back. Taking a commission, whilst not popular, is fairer in our eyes as it is taking from actual earnings rather than taking money upfront based on a price from 13 years ago when shops were paying out much more.

To summarise - the changes we made should make it far cheaper for musicians like yourself to release. Once the release cost is paid, your track is online forever in the shops it was released on (e.g. for cases such as yourself, you only need to subscribe for 1x month when you actually make a release). After that we do take 10% commission if you unsubscribe, but you can always subscribe again to AMPLIFY+ to cap the commission at 100eur a year, if this makes sense for you to do so.

We don’t have any other sneaky hidden fees (the only extra fees we have are for delivery “speed”).

It’s also worth noting that, if you take a subscription - release music on all shops, and then stop the subscription, your music will stay in the stores it was released on. the only changes are:

  • Commission will go to 10%
  • Artist Hubs will remain online but downgrade to “free” version
  • No access to Music Analytics

Your music will be online forever, in the stores you chose at the time of the release (we will actually fight take-down notices if we believe they are wrong unlike Distrokid )

I hope that all makes sense and apologies for the over-long post, I get quite passionate about this :laughing: - it’s all meant in a friendly way :slight_smile:


I understand, seen in this way it would be like a single subscription to pay and then stop which means that we will have paid only once (cheaper than rockstar), it remains on the platforms and in the end the only difference remains 10% of commissions.

Thinking about it a bit better if the distribution stays on the distributed platforms, it may well be provided you distribute an album there, because if it’s just for a single, you might as well not publish.

Maybe I misunderstood, the subscription is for a single deposit or is it for as many deposits as you wish for a year?

Hey @Benji

I think you’re asking whether you can subscribe for just one month or whether it has to be for a full year?

If that’s correct then the answer is just monthly, you can unsubscribe at any point (you can just turn off auto renewal in your account)

If you subscribe for the year then you save 2x months payments

I hope this answers your question?