Increased spotify streams

This is a song I’ve worked on, Jaziii- Close To You. I’d like some honest feedback on what I can do to increase my spotify streams?

Jaziii- Close To You

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Hi @Jaziii ! amazing song! To increase streams on spotify, first of all you could share the link to it with all your fans and friends and ask them to do the same :blush: then you can obviously submit it to playlist curators, iMusician curates some amazing playlists you can submit to:

but there are also other services, mostly with a free submission procedure like submithub, daily playlists and others.
My personal advice is to listen to the playlists before submitting and also to listen to all the playlists you are added to and share them as well with your fanbase and friends. You can find more details about this approach here:

There is also the comunity playlist competition where you can submit the song for the next round, this round is already closed for submission but open for voting, stay tuned!!!

The link to the poll is at the end of the page :v:
I hope I got your question right and that I could help you, all the best,


Wow @Andi this is a world of new information, thank you very much i have tried sending it out personally in direct messages and I’ve gotten new supporters, however i want to brance out of my immediate circle to gain more followers, so by seeking out playlists and curators I can definitely increase my streams and build my fanbase, I will read through each link and find the best solutions. Thanks again.

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hey @Jaziii glad I could help you, maybe you can find some interesting thoughts here too: