Info my name label

Hi I’m new here. I would like to know if I can put my own personal label name. Or does this have to be a real label? Can I create a name I like? do you give me info?

Hi @koral
The name can be anything i.e ‘Koral’ or ‘iMusician | Koral’.

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Salve qualcuno sa dirmi se dove c’è inserimento nome etichetta si può inserire un nome a piacimento ? oppure deve essere un etichetta reale?

Hi, Thanks for the reply. So can I give any name? When I enter my song it will be displayed with my artist name plus the label name created by me ? right?

There is different ways depending on the shops on how they display the label on their own platform but yes, you can choose any name (of course, no Warner or Sony or well-known labels…) and that’s it.

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