Inquire about partner stores

Hello, I would like to ask if Tencent and NetEase are included in other stores when choosing the release store. Do you cooperate with them? In addition, when users use my music to record videos on Tik Tok, will it generate revenue?

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Hello @Fei :slight_smile:

Please find here our list of shops: iMusician's distribution partners | iMusician

Concerning Tik Tok revenue, well royalty systems are quite complicated and it is impossible to determine the price per stream. Monetization on social media happens also in a different way than the streaming platforms. There is no direct answer, Iā€™m sorry on this. However, we can definitely confirm that we forward to the artists the revenue we receive from the shops. I would recommend you to check in Tik Tik support center for more:

Kudos for your music and wishing you a great day!

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