[Inquiry] Request for Additional Support Regarding Delayed Royalty Payments

Hello imusician community members,

My name is Shim Seok Bo, and I am responsible for managing royalties associated with the label Pinkaide. I am pleased to communicate with you through this community.

Over the past few months, I have repeatedly requested confirmation from our accounting team regarding royalty payments. Although our website account information indicates that the payments have been completed, these transactions are not reflected in our actual PayPal account. PayPal has also confirmed that there are no such deposit entries.

Despite my polite inquiries on several occasions, I have yet to receive a concrete solution. This issue is causing operational difficulties for our team and is also affecting our creative activities.

If any other members have experienced similar issues, could you please share how you resolved them? Additionally, I would appreciate any advice on how to obtain further support for resolving this issue.

Thank you in advance for your advice and support.

Shim Seok Bo

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Hello @pinkaideg

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos or @Melani will get back to you shortly.



Hey @pinkaideg, thank you for reaching out here. Don’t worry, I can confirm that our team is taking care of your request and we are doing our best to resolve this issue ASAP :+1:

In the meantime, I will kindly ask you to wait patiently until we get back to you with more info and to not open mutliple conversations with our team about the same topic, it’s just going to make the whole thing more confusing for everyone.

We’re already in contact with you via e-mail and we will reach out to you there once we get an update on your request.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a nice day :slight_smile: